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Thankful for my life preserver!

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. Or two.

I wrote previously about a period in which I did not create art while I helped my husband through a medical issue. We navigated through that period and it felt wonderful to dive deep into my art again. I really felt like I was on a roll with my sky series that I have been sharing. Painting every day for a month to lay the groundwork. Then a year of discovering, exploring and painting skies. I planned and prepared for a solo show. I designed a calendar to accompany the show. I was loving my immersion in art. And them WHAM...! Life threw me another one. Another health crisis that has trumped my time in the studio. AARGH! But that’s what life is. Ups, downs and everything in between.

Life preserver

In this case, the crisis began bubbling before I had completed my sky series. But you know what? As overwhelmingly busy as I became, the looming deadline of my show became my life preserver. Even if it was just an hour in the evening or a few stolen moments between appointments, my passion and commitment to what I had started artistically provided me with a respite from the chaos that was going on in my life and in my head. Art requires focus. While focusing on getting those last 2 paintings completed, I had no time to stress (and believe me, I can stress!) about diagnoses and treatments. Sure, after those stolen hours in the studio, I was right back into the thick of ‘medical stuff’ and the fear that brings with it. But for those moments while painting or doing show prep, I experienced a strange calm. I was busy, but I was busy doing something I love. And I came back to my other responsibilities feeling a bit less overwhelmed.

I have missed writing this blog in the midst of it all. Ideas have come and gone. Some have been jotted down for when my time becomes my own again. In the meantime, I have ventured into some new areas that I see as new opportunities. I have opened an online shop where I can share my art with a broader audience without needing to meet the demands of show schedules. I have reproduced some of my images as note cards, reaching a whole new clientele who may not be in a position to purchase originals.

Notecards of "Reilly"

It’s all good. I learned a lot about myself as an artist last time around. And I am sure I will learn even more this time. If you began following me because you enjoyed my blog, I hope you will stick with me until I am back up to speed again. I am thankful you are here.

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