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Surviving an exile from painting

I wrote previously about gutting my studio in order to have it painted and carpeted - for the first time in over 30 years! You may read about it here. Because there were 3 other rooms also involved in the painting and flooring process, it has taken much longer than I anticipated.

So, what does an artist do, when the studio is unavailable for weeks, there is no other place to work, and one’s supplies are in boxes amidst all the other boxes? I can tell you it has not been easy! First, I must say I have not been bored. There has been so much other work to do, that even finding time to do art would have been difficult.

Working on my art biz

I did participate in a 6-week online class to assist in running my art business. I had not planned this to coincide with the gutting of my studio/office. There were some tense moments when the computer had to be disconnected and moved to our temporary bedroom/office/closet just after class started, but thankfully I had help in transitioning all that was needed. Marketing classes are never as much fun as painting, but since I couldn’t paint, it was a good use of time.

My studio had been an oasis of supplies, books, still life items, a reading space and also served as an office for me and my husband. It had gotten to the point that I knew it needed to be decluttered. When walking in to paint, the space seemed to close in on me but I just couldn’t seem to

figure out what to purge. This total removal of EVERYTHING, has proven to be a blessing. I am now carefully assessing each and every item before it goes back into the room. I am liking the open, uncluttered space and hope to maintain that vibe in the finished space.

Paper storage via hangers in the closet!

Lots of books have been donated to the lending library of my local art league. Teaching books have been donated to my teaching colleagues, still working in the trenches. Supplies? Well, art supplies are sacred, so they are not going anywhere! But rather than just put everything back where it was, I am taking the thoughtful approach. Is there a better way to organize and store my supplies? Check out the photo of my new paper storage area - hanging from skirt hangers!

I anticipate this process will take a bit more time. But throughout, I have been planning new art. Lots of ideas have been forming in my mind. I am excited about the prospect of a fresh, uncluttered space and look forward to once again sharing my process with you.

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