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What People are Saying

"Your calendar is beautiful. We always depend on a wall calendar to plan our trips even though we use Google on a daily basis.

We have always purchased the J Fielder calendar. His photos of Colorado are breathtaking. Your artwork is equally beautiful. Time for a new tradition."  Susan W.


"Susan's use of color and deep values are magnificent in her landscape/sunset works..."   Eclipse Center for Creative Community

"I can feel the solitary quiet, the snow blowing.  Very evocative of the meditative aspects of Winter."   Pamela D.

January Sunset_4534c_72.jpg

"Susan's talent is ever evolving. Her love of shadows and reflections is apparent in her recent pieces. I admire the passion in her work."  B.G.

"Always a pleasure looking at your pastels in the morning. ......warms my day!!

You should be proud that you leave a footprint on this earth....."   Mike O.

"Autumn's Last Stand", pastel

"Warm sun, cold ice. A fragile balance"  Donna M.

In reference to my blog - "I really like your writing style...the way you express your thoughts. And of course your art is awesome."  Mike S.

"I loved the rich darks and your design and I especially like the colors you chose to describe reflection and shimmer! "  Karen I.

"Reilly" dog portrait

"So happy you captured my pup so perfectly" Kate B.

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