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Fancy a Pint, pastel
Red Onions_3900c_72
Deep Blue No2_2100c_72
Island Reflection, Guana Cay_3000c_72

Susan Klinger creates vibrant, nature inspired art that focuses on color and light for those who want to enjoy and feel uplifted by the beauty in the world around them. She does this by tapping into her own personal experiences and unique creative vision.  Whether it's a breathtaking landscape or bubbles in a wine glass, she is able to connect the viewer to the subject on an emotional level.


"Susan's talent is ever evolving. Her love of shadows and reflections is apparent in her recent pieces. I admire the passion in her work." 


"Susan's use of color and deep values are magnificent in her landscape/sunset works..."  

Eclipse Center for Creative Community

"Always a pleasure looking at your pastels in the morning. ......warms my day!! You should be proud that you leave a footprint on this earth....." 

                                        Mike O.

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